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God still speaks through dreams and visions

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The bubble burst and the birth of the sons of God began!

A prophetic dream 8th to 9th October 2017

Tonight I suddenly found myself in a dream.
I asked the Lord if this dream was only for me personally.
He says: No, Ines he is not for you personally, you are part of the big whole.

This dream is for the new time and I long for the maturity of the sons of God in the body of Christ.
Suddenly I found myself in an oversized uterus.
These were the last days of a pregnancy.
In the womb I was not alone! There were very, very many others, like-minded with me. We were all in great, joyful expectation.
What is not possible in the natural world is that all of us in the womb talked to each other. We were happy for the new time of the sons of God.
There was excitement and a joyful tension.

Suddenly there was a bang! All became still and then we heard a noise, like a burst, roaring and rushing, similar to a waterfall.
Then I saw how we looked at each other with big eyes! Immediately I had a testimony inside me that must be the Holy Spirit.
It was like something new had been opened.

And then I saw the big oversized birth canal. Then it was dark for a moment and the next moment the birth began and we were all in the light.
Everybody who has ever been in the womb were born with once. It wasn't a strenuous birth, everything went so easily and quickly.

Through the blood and water I saw how we all came together to give birth and no one was in a baby state.
We all stood there in the maturity of the sons of God.
We all were still full of blood and we began to purify ourselves with the water that was still around us and guiding us.

The End

Ich hatte einen Traum in der Nacht vom 03. Oktober zum 04. Oktober 2019.
"Fürchte dich nicht, bewege dich bis zum Grund seines Herzens."

On 3rd of October 2019, I had a dream:
"Move with the Lord; go deep until you have experienced the depths of His heart - Do not Fear!" 

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